Guided tours Europe

Guided tours Holland and Germany

Veentjer Guided Tours has delivered tours through the Netherlands, Luxemburg and Germany for more then 30 years. Programs vary from city trips, tours, city walks, boattrips to museum visits. All done with busses or an individual sightseeing by car.

You can hire us for a few hours, a day, but also for a multi-day arrangement. All according to your wishes.

Contact details Veentjer Guided Tours

  • T: +31 - 70 324 86 91
  • M: +31 - 62 506 49 80

Royal Tour The Hague

Guided Tour The Hague

On this visit we will take a tour passed the different palaces and government buildings.


Kinderdijk and Dordrecht

Tour Kinderdijk Dordrecht

During this tour you will visit the 19 monumental mills and finish in the oldest city of Holland.



guided tours city tour amsterdam

A city walk or a boattrip through Amsterdam will give you a great impression of the town.